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Žako Bohemia Bengals, CZ - Exibitions

Žako Pedigree Exibitions Photogallery


10/25/2014  FIFE world show Prague  12  Ex. 3  G. Mantovani (IT)  Well promising boy
02/14/2015 International Cat Show Star Show Diplomat Prague 2015  11  Ex. 1  P. Holmes (GB)  Imposant big cat
02/15/2015 International Cat Show Star Show Diplomat Prague 2015  11  Ex. 1  B. Němcová (CZ)  Lovely thick coat
05/09/2015 International Cat Show Most  9  Ex. 1 CAC  M.Vinkel (EE)  Ex. size, ex.long and strong body, ex.bone structure and muscled, super temperament
05/10/2015 International Cat Show most  9  Ex. 1 CAC  S.Purchniak (PL)  Ex. in type, well muscled
05/16/2015 Caribbean Star Cats Show Prague 2015  9  Ex.2   Comorio L. (IT)  Balanced in body, musceled body, exc. contraste
05/17/2015 Caribbean Star Cats Show Prague 2015  9  Ex.2  Shchukin A.(RUS)  Strong in typ and boning
06/27/2015 MVK Brno - Propet  9  Ex.1, CAC, BIV, Nomination BIS  J. Pánek (CZ) Excellent muscled male
 Žako has completed the condition for the titel of CHAMPION!!!!!!!
06/28/2015 MVK Brno - Propet  7  Ex.1, CACIB, BIV  L. Venclíková (CZ) Excellent rosett colour
11/21/2015 MVK Lysá nad Labem  7  Ex 1, CACIB, BIV  N. Smits (NL) Everyting very excellent
11/28/2015 MVK Bratislava - SK  7  Ex.1, CACIB  K. Mahelková (CZ) Everyting very excellent
 Žako has completed the condition for the titel of INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!!!!!!!
11/29/2015 MVK Bratislava - SK  5  Ex.1, CAGCIB  I. Pruschniak (PL) Everyting very excellent
04/09/2016 MVK Hradec králové  5  Ex1, CAGCIB Chadaj Marek (PL) Elegant and harmony muscled male
04/10/2016 MVK Hradec králové  5  Ex1, CAGCIB Vlach Tomoko (AT) - TICA judge Excelent muscled male



We are a small breeding kennel from Czech Republic, founded in 2014. Prior to that had been proud owners of numerous cats that we had found wondering around the streets.
We have a lot of experience with breeding especially since we have own cattery of berger de dogs. We have been very successful at many of the international and national exhibitions. However, the character and comfort of our animals is of the greatest value to us. They have always been and will be part of our family and have a strong bond with all member of our family including children and other animals.


The breeding of the cats Fluffy Hearts
Veronika and Jaroslav Mallat, Hřebeny 32, 262 56 Milešov
tel.: +420 774 073 339, e-mail: [javascript protected email address], [javascript protected email address]