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3/21/2020 - Year 2020

With pleasure we annonce to expect the kitten after Lotzika and...............secret:)))) Lotzica Lotzica


12/31/2019 - Year 2019

In year 2019 we had the litter H and L.


4/5/2018 - New results of genetic tests

Žako - PK, PRA normal, Lotzika - PK, PRA normal, Falco - PK, PRA normal


4/2/2018 - Falco Fluffy Hearts

Falco Fluffy Hearts stays in our breeding kennel.


8/26/2017 - At the end, only Lotzika gave birth to 5 kitten

1 silver boy, 1 silver girl, 2 brown girls and 1 brown boy with wunderful caracter and excelent look. The heads are perfect.


7/22/2017 - Perfect news - Lotzika will have kitten

So, it is offically clear - Lotzika will have kitten. The father is Koppiekatz Aishma.


7/15/2017 - Perfect news - Oddie will have kitten

So, it is offically clear - Oddie will have kitten. The father is Alan Delectamur.


1/31/2017 - All news and photos we put on facebook

All news and photos we put on facebook - facebook.com/fluffyhearts.cz/.


1/27/2017 - Last year

Last year we finished the exhibition´s career of Žako with the title of International champion, of Oddie with Champion. We will keep our attention to the breeding. May be we will go to some TICA exhibition with Lotzika.


5/17/2016 - Tests results

Our cats are PRA normal. Lotzika has more test HCM N/N.


5/16/2016 - New champion

Oddie received the title of Champion, we also have the official diplom.


2/22/2016 - We have a new darling at home

We have a new darling at home, it was a trip of 14 hours, but she is absolutelly excellent. See the pedigree:
8. generation born in Saphirs de lune, DOUBLE MASTER - SILVER MASTER WCF
Saphirs de Lune HOLMES, best bengal cat of WCF 2013
5 champions in the pedigree : Kougar, Air Force One, Killer, Ghost Killer, Holmes


12/15/2015 - Žako visited a cardiology

Today Žako visited a cardiology. Not only HCM is negative, but also other heart´s deseases.


12/15/2015 - Oddie visited a cardiology

Today Oddie visited a cardiology. Not only HCM is negative, but also other heart´s deseases.



Žako had a big succes in Bratislava and won in the both days!!!


11/21/2015 - Žako in Lysá nad Labem

Žako won the in the battle with polnish and italien bengal cats and received BIV.


7/1/2015 - International exhibition in Brno

We had a big succes, Žako won, what he could and even he was nominated to Best in Show of all breed.


6/28/2015 - Title of champion

Žako has complited all conditions for the titel of Champion. We started to work on the title International Champion.


6/26/2015 - The kitten

After 21.7. we plan to mate Oddie:))


5/17/2015 - Exhibition in Prag

Also, the exhibition in Prag was succesful, Oddie has Exc.1 and Žako started the title Champion


5/10/2015 - Succes in Most

So, Žako received in Most 2x CAC and Oddie in the class of junior 2x Ex.1. Perfect!!!


12/17/2014 - Arrival of Zako home

Since a cup of month we looked after a cat-male, who would be good for our breeding. It is not only about the nice look, but in specially about a healthy boy with completely healthy ancestors and interesting pedigree. We found him by Dana Tišerová in Bohemia Bengal. The male is tested on FIV, FelV, FIP, HCM and both parents are negative on PKD and PK Def. He is absolutelly perfect and he became a member of our cat´s and dog´s family without any problem.


12/14/2014 - International exhibition Prague

On the first exhibition received Oddie on 13.12. Exc.1 and 14.12. Exc.2. We are very proud!!!


10/18/2014 - Oddie is at home

Today we arrived with our Oddie, born on 21.7.2014 in BohemianForest. The father is Sir Lancelot Lumiau and mother Igloo de Bengals from France. With Oddie we brought at the the certificate about the genotype N/PK and the certificate, that the both parents are FeLV and Fiv negative.


10/8/2014 - 18.10.2014 we will pick up Oddie

we will be sooo happy with her



We are a small breeding kennel from Czech Republic, founded in 2014. Prior to that had been proud owners of numerous cats that we had found wondering around the streets.
We have a lot of experience with breeding especially since we have own cattery of berger de dogs. We have been very successful at many of the international and national exhibitions. However, the character and comfort of our animals is of the greatest value to us. They have always been and will be part of our family and have a strong bond with all member of our family including children and other animals.


The breeding of the cats Fluffy Hearts
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