bengal cats

About the breed

 The Bengal Cats are hybrids, created by crossing domestic cats and wild Asian Leopard Cats. This mix has an alluring and desirable "wild-look" reflected in its coat pattern and body form, drawn from its Asian Leopard Cat parentage. Their exotic coats are short with fine fur that requires only a weekly grooming. The fur is thick and extremely soft, decorated with spots, two-tone spots, and rosettes. Some even have spots on their light colored underbelly.

Although these are domestic cats, in their overall appearance the Bengals retain much of the wild physical characteristics of the Asian Leopard. They are a large sized domestic breed reaching between 7 and 20 pounds. They have a long, well-muscled and powerful body with legs and a tail of medium length. The tail tapers, ending in a rounded black tip. Their large roundish head is complimented with large oval-shaped eyes, a large wide nose, and large rounded ears.


The Bengal Cat personality is drawn from its domestic cat parentage. Despite its wild ancestry, the Bengal is an affectionate, sociable breed. This is provided that they are separated by at least 3 generations from the original crossing between a domestic and Asian Leopard Cat. Closer generations, 1st through 3rd generations, are considered "filial" and are used for breeding and specialized pet environments and are not considered domestic pet cats. The 4th generation and later Bengals are social, extroverted cats that love human companionship and like being part of whatever's going on. An energetic cat breed, they are are quite kittenish and enjoy playing games like fetch or hide and seek. They will often attach strongly to one person, demanding constant attention from that person.


The Bengal gets along with people, as well as dogs and other cats. This breed is lively, very playful, and enjoys interaction, making it a great cat for children. It is a great addition to families who have time to give it the attention it craves. Bengals enjoy playing in the water and are known for joining their owners in the bathtub or pool. It can be taught to fetch and walk on a leash. They are quiet, but have some wild characteristics. Bengals have a distinct voice from most other domestic cats. They like conversation and can be coaxed to speak with their keepers. They are also excellent hunters.


The Bengals are only one cats, they are immune against the cat's leucemie.


We are a small breeding kennel from Czech Republic, founded in 2014. Prior to that had been proud owners of numerous cats that we had found wondering around the streets.
We have a lot of experience with breeding especially since we have own cattery of berger de dogs. We have been very successful at many of the international and national exhibitions. However, the character and comfort of our animals is of the greatest value to us. They have always been and will be part of our family and have a strong bond with all member of our family including children and other animals.


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